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Ervaringen van stagiairs

Be part of a team

My name is Stijn Houben. I am a 22 years old applied computer science student and did my internship at Otys in Prague, Czech Republic. I was specialising in Application Development, so Otys was an excellent place to gain some experience. Developing beautiful stuff in AngularJS and PHP is something that was worth the trips to the office.

Not only did the work suit my needs, but the beautiful city of Prague was a very nice extra. The work atmosphere, the office, the colleagues, just everything made this internship worth never forgetting. To look for a disadvantage is hard, perhaps the only thing I can think of, is that the nights can be short because of the going out with colleagues and friends after working hours.

I would recommend this company to everyone looking for an extraordinary job or internship just coming out of school. It's no boring place where everyone just sits behind his desk, programming stuff or consulting clients on the phone. This is a place where you are part of a team, even is a intern. And where you feel like the stuff you make, is worth the effort.

- Stijn Houben
Student Application Development
Intern Webdevelopment at OTYS

Do not hesitate

Whilst now studying for my Master of Science in Applied Informatics, I previously followed a professional bachelor in Applied Informatics. In my final year I had an internship at OTYS in Prague for a period of almost 4 months. What attracted me the most was the company itself, how they were experts in the field of recruiting, and the location, the beautiful city of Prague. After successfully completing a case study test, I was good to go!

During this period at OTYS I was part of the support team and afterwards of the development team. Having a great supervisor, friendly & helpful colleagues and boss who knows how to make you feel at ease really helped me to fit in perfectly. Also, the right amount of responsibility was assigned to me, not to much but certainly not too less, which really made me feel like part of the "team". My knowledge of PHP and Java was greatly improved, as were my communication skills.

To conclude, I'm very fortunate to have been able to experience what it's like to work abroad in an exciting company like OTYS. To all students considering to do the same, I only have the following advice: do not hesitate, just do it. You won't regret it.

- Niels Delestinne
Master of Science in Applied Informatics
Intern Support & Development at OTYS

Dare to take the step

My name is Mitch V. born and raised in Belgium, I've enjoyed a study as Applied Computer Science at the where I finished my education as a professional bachelor in application development. During my final year we were required to take an internship. OTYS CZ has contacted our school in search for interns. I've immediately grabbed the opportunity to be able to work abroad.

At OTYS I've loved the feeling of being part of something bigger, OTYS has their own recruitment software that on daily bases connects hundreds of people with a new employer and being part of a team that helps achieves these possibilities was incredible. OTYS was a balanced environment between working and social, having their branch in the heart of the Czech Republic, (Prague), you were able to enjoy the meany places that the city center has to offer you.

During my 6 months internship I've learned a lot, I've had the opportunity to explore some new technologies like Google Web Toolkit and Sencha, working with mass data storage and high availability websites, and taking the extra mile of living and working abroad in a energetic city.

I would recommend OTYS to any other student who dares to take the step of leaving a trusted home environment behind and take the lead of your own life by starting their life abroad.

- Ing. Mitch Vanderlinden
Applied Computer Science
Intern Support at OTYS

Kans die ik niet heb laten liggen

"Een stageplaats bij OTYS. Een kans die ik niet heb laten liggen. OTYS is een snelgroeiend bedrijf dat je niet behandelt als stagiair, maar als een echte werknemer. Daar heb ik 10 weken, 5 dagen per week van mogen genieten. Het team van OTYS is jong en spontaan dat altijd bereidt is om je te helpen, zelfs met de simpelste dingen. Het zijn gedreven mensen die niet bang zijn om hun handen uit de mouwen te steken en goede prestaties te leveren. Hier ben je ook ineens onderdeel van en dat is, zeker in het begin, wennen. Je bent een stukje van OTYS. Ik kreeg uitdagende taken die ik met beide handen aan heb genomen. Als je laat zien dat je bereid bent om goed je best doen, net als de rest, dan wordt dat gewaardeerd. Hierdoor krijg je een voldaan gevoel. Na deze leerzame en uitdagende stage mocht ik blijven werken in de vakanties, waardoor ik mijzelf nog meer kon ontwikkelen en aan nog meer uitdagende taken kan beginnen. Inmiddels ben ik vast onderdeel van het OTYS team in de rol van Sales Support. Een stageplek als begin van een bloeiende carrière, ook dat is mogelijk bij OTYS!"

- Thomas Heikamp
Opleiding Commerciële Economie ROC ASA
Stagiair op de Salesafdeling van OTYS

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